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Race Details
  • Emerald Bay & Cal-Neva Marathons can be counted for either CA or NV in your quest to run all 50 states
  • Finisher medals for each race and for completing the Triple Marathon event.
  • Emerald Bay & Cal-Neva Marathons will have "Soft Support" - meaning Aid Stations every 4-5 miles
  • Lake Tahoe Marathon will have Aid Stations every two miles
  • Post Race transportation is not included for Emerald Bay or Cal-Neva Marathons. You will need transportation after the Friday and Saturday Marathons. Click here for information regarding Tahoe shuttle services
  • Pre-race shuttle buses will leave from the Stateline Bus Depot (near the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel) to the start lines.
  • Triple Marathon Power Dinner on Thursday night - Click here to register
  • The Lake Tahoe Marathon - Sunday, Sept 14th, 2014
    Arguably the most beautiful marathon in the world, the Lake Tahoe Marathon takes you from Tahoe City (North Shore) to Pope Beach (South Shore) - caressing the West Shore of the Lake along the route. The first 12 miles are surprisingly flat and fast. At mile 12 you hit the first of three climbs (Cat 5 climb) which will take you to Rubicon Bay where the Half Marathon runners will be eagerly waiting. You can pick up the pace with your new running buddies and enjoy a 200 ft descent before ascending up to DL Bliss State Park (Cat 4 climb). Reprieve is found in the downhill cruise with emerging views of Vikingsholm Castle and Fanette Island in the world-famous Emerald Bay. As you pass Eagle Falls you'll begin your second (and last!) climb of the day up to Inspiration Point (Cat 5 climb). It's literally all downhill from here - dropping an average of 100 feet per mile for the last six miles as you meander past Cascade Lake, Fallen Leaf Lake and onto the Forest Bike Path that will lead you through the historical sites of Valhalla and Camp Richardson along your way to the beach front finish at Pope Beach.

    Altitude? Yeah we've got that. But it's nothing proper training (read: Lactate Threshold Training, Speed Work, HIIT) and/or getting up here a few days ahead of time can't conquer. Plus, isn't this why we run? The challenge? The fitness? The elation? That's what we thought. We'll see you in September.

    The following marathons are reserved for participants in the Triple Marathon events. However, we do allow 25 spots in each race for athletes that are unable to make the Lake Tahoe Marathon event on Sunday.

    Emerald Bay Marathon - Friday, September 12th, 2014
    The Emerald Bay Marathon starts at Inspiration Point above Emerald Bay and finishes just below Spooner Summit. This run starts at 6850 ft and drops 500 feet in the first three miles. The middle section of the course is relatively flat and will take you through historic Tahoe sites and hidden areas of South Lake Tahoe. After crossing into Nevada, you'll soon begin to "enjoy" some rolley terrain (up and down about 100 ft at a time) until mile 22. Take a deep breath now because you get to pay back that downhill start with an uphill finish. You'll gain back ~700 ft of elevation in the last four miles (cat 3 climb) with an elevation gain of 1657 ft to end at 7067 ft.

    Don't worry Triple Marathoners, it's pretty much all downhill from here!

    Cal-Neva Marathon - Saturday, September 13th, 2014
    The Saturday Cal-Neva Marathon is the fastest of the 3 marathons with a start high atop Spooner summit at 7100' and then diving down almost a 1000ft in the first eight miles! Continue the ride with six miles flat road before hitting your first hill at mile 14. At mile 22.5 you'll have the second climb (both climbs are ~200 ft across one mile (cat 5 climbs)) and then it's literally downhill to the finish at Commons Beach in Tahoe City. Not only is this run gravity-assisted (net elevation loss over 1000 ft) you will enjoy the amazing East Shore and North Shore Views throughout the entire run.

    Triple Marathoners - Kick back, relax and enjoy the finish line festivities... you'll be back here in a few hours anyway!